We Are Building a Team — Using elite coaching, superior training, and a dedication from our staff.


The Mansfield Wrestling Club is available to youth ages 4 to 19, both male and female. Whether you are trying to advance in the sport of wrestling, learn techniques helpful for other sports, or just looking to get into amazing shape, our club is dedicated to helping you get there. 

Are you an adult and want to learn wrestling? Contact us about ADULT CLASSES

The Mansfield Wrestling Club sets out to :

  • Inspire an enthusiastic interest in the sport of wrestling, both at the youth and high school level.

  • Develop the physical, mental, social and emotional well-being of all club members using the sport of wrestling.

  • Show the importance of sportsmanship, integrity and fair play both on and off the mat.

  • Provide a knowledgeable coaching staff that demonstrates leadership, teamwork, and dedication to all club members.

  • Have a clean, family friendly facility open to all members and their families.

  • Promote a strong local presence by giving back to the community of Mansfield, volunteering, and helping local families in need.

How do we teach your wrestler?

Our scheduled practices are designed for two different types of wrestlers; Beginner Wrestlers and Advanced Wrestlers. Usually, you can expect both groups warming up together and conditioning after practice together. We want to promote teamwork all through out the club, beginner and advanced.

If the wrestler is new to the sport, they will get to walk through many basic techniques. They will also begin to learn the sport of wrestling; how to practice, how to drill the moves, the rules, the mat, the uniform. From there, they can test what they have learned at local tournaments in the Rookie Division.

For wrestlers with experience, our coaches will provide more advanced instruction and begin to build on to what the wrestler has already learned. Advanced wrestlers will be introduced to more rigorous workouts, better drilling, and higher level technique. These wrestlers will be encouraged to travel to the bigger tournaments in the surrounding areas.

Although coaches will travel to the local and state tournaments, they may not be able to provide travel to every tournament. Team parents, families, and friends are a encouraged to provide transportation to tournaments, and it also shows great support for your wrestler.